Inaugural Announcements for 2016-2017

Good morning!

Happy Monday and welcome to the third week of school- it was so great seeing everyone at community groups, Large Group, and at the CG Olympics this week! This year, we’ll be using our website to communicate announcements- please feel free to click around and explore.

Community Groups

Fireside CG: champions at the CG Olympics !

If you haven’t yet gotten plugged into one of our community groups, please join our Facebook groups and/contact a leader to get involved! Community groups are the heart of our chapter. They are a place for everyone, regardless of spiritual background, to learn more about Christianity and build fun community that loves and cares for one another and campus. This semester, we are studying scripture from the book of Luke.

  • Fireside CG: Tue., 7-9 pm @Fireside Café: Johnny Fan –
  • Markley CG: Tue., 7-9 pm @Markley Hall: Harrison Feng –
  • Bursley CG: Wed., 7-9 pm @Bursley Hall: Amy Zhou –
  • Hill CG: Thu., 7-9 pm @Alice Lloyd Hall: Mira Kinebuchi –
  • Central CG: Thu., 7:30-9:30 pm @East Quad Room 1511:  Mark Hwang –; Rachel Liu –
  • South Asian Interest: please contact Melody Zhang –

Large Group: Christian Communities (Part 2)

We meet every Friday from 7 pm – 9 pm at Forum Hall in Palmer Commons to hear a message from a speaker, to worship, and to gather all together as a community in fellowship. This Friday, we will be continuing our series on Christian community building. If you have any questions, or are interested in serving at Large Group in any way, please contact Susie Qu, our wonderful Large Group Coordinator.

AIV is a para-church ministry, which essentially means that we are not a church- our students attend various churches on campus. We coordinate rides to Knox Presbyterian Church and Grace Ann Arbor; here is also a list of other churches in the Ann Arbor area.

Join us as we kickoff this year’s Women’s Ministry next Sunday: our goal as a community of women is to grow and learn from our collective, diverse experiences, and to love and encourage one another. We’ll be gathering for a potluck-style picnic to reconnect, hang out, enjoy some delicious food, and start building up our community of women this year!


Men’s Ministry Kickoff: 9/25

Get to know the community of men in AIV at a BBQ at Gallup Park: we will be be gathering in fellowship together and addressing some goals for Men’s Ministry this year. Please contact Ethan Lu (, Harrison Feng (, or Mark Hwang ( for a link to the Facebook event and to get a ride!


large_prayer-for-beginners-g13leaiz“BE JOYFUL IN HOPE, PATIENT IN AFFLICTION, FAITHFUL IN PRAYER.” –ROMANS 12:12

Join us in prayer Wednesday nights from 9:30-11:00 pm at Victor’s @Mojo! Submit any prayer requests here- we love praying for you.


United Asian American Organizations (UAAO) is a core for the Asian Pacific American organizations and individuals at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, of which AIV is a member. If you are interested in attending weekly meetings to meet students in other orgs and to represent AIV, please contact Grace Wan! UAAO is seeking applications for (2) Programming and (1) Communications Chairs due 9/20 at noon- please contact Sammy Suh if you have any questions. Applications are also open for GenAPA Co-Chairs.


Grace & Vision Team

Questions or concerns? Please contact Vision Team at