Announcements, 12.8.2016

It’s almost unbelievable how quickly this semester has gone by – just as school is nearing the final stretch, so is AIV putting on our last events of the semester. This will be our last official announcements for the semester, but look forward to one more before the end of the year with some exciting updates for next semester!

Thank you so much for being a part of our community, whether you’ve been here all four years and counting or whether you’ve only had one interaction with us. We care about you, you matter, and God loves you so much!

As we are now in the midst of Advent season, we’d encourage you to be in Scripture daily. The purpose of this season is to celebrate the birth of Christ, which marks God’s ultimate plan for our redemption and reconciliation to Himself, in which we see the fullest picture of God’s love, joy, and power. Check out this reading plan, this wonderful explanation of why Jesus as the Messiah is so significant, or this plan about Advent and prayers!

Large Groups

We are concluding our last large group of the semester with a Praise & Testimony Night. Come and invite your friends! We will have the opportunity to hear from students about how God has been working in their lives, to have a space for personal reflection and worship, to celebrate how God has been moving in our chapter, and to engage in a time of musical worship.

Afterwards, our post Large Group will be at Mason Hall, where we’ll be spending time all together hanging out: there will be food, hot cocoa, board games, cookie decorating, and other activities. Come for a study break, or if you really have to go study, we have a classroom booked nearby just for you!



As our last Community Groups of the semester wrap up this week, we want to thank you again for pressing into this community of people even despite how there are so many ways in which we can be growing! It has been such a blessing to know and recognize how God is sovereign and working through these areas of weaknesses. We hope that you’ve been able to enjoy meeting new people, we hope that you’ve formed friendships with others in your CG, and we hope that CG has been a place where you have met God and have been challenged and growing in different areas of your faith.

If you have the time and/or chance, please thank your CG leaders and keep them in your prayers. They have put in so much time, prayers, and energy beyond what you see every week at Bible study at CG to further God’s work on our campus in furthering the spread of the gospel. Our chapter is so blessed because of them!


Left to right: Rachel Liu, Johnny Fang, Amy Zhou, Harrison Feng, Mira Kinebuchi, Mark Hwang, Melody Zhang

Here’s a joke for you for making it so far: Who is the most financially savvy woman in the Bible? Pharaoh’s daughter- she drew up a little prophet!!



Great job adding and bidding things to our AIV Action! Each semester, we hold an online auction where people can put up things for bid and bid on things to raise funds for our chapter.

AIV is entirely student-funded, and most of us are here at least in part because of someone’s fellowship giving–whether that went to the room and speaker for a Large Group or a scholarship and gas money for Fall Retreat, or a follow-up cup that was brought to our door. We will also be tithing a portion of the money raised to somewhere TBD (let us know if you have any suggestions!). 

This auction will be live until 12/15 (meaning bids must be placed at 11:59:59pm on 12/14 at the LATEST). 

Categories for the auction and some examples of possible auction items:

  • Household Help: Cleaning, cooking, rearranging furniture, interior decorating–anything dorm room/apartment-related
  • Items & Crafts: Art masterpieces, calligraphy posters, handmade greeting cards, etc.
  • Learn Something New: How to ride a unicycle, how to ride a tricycle, how to ride a tricycle, and so on. Oh, and magic!
  • Meet Someone New: Go for some coffee or ice cream or to the gym or anything else that floats your boat.




Spring Break Cross-Cultural Ministry Opportunity: Guyana Missions Project Application due December 30, 2016 at 11:59pm. Click the application for more details and information! Contact our staffworker Oliver Lam if you have any questions.


Our relationship with God is and should be measured by so much more than our mere attendance at large groups, community groups, and church – God wants us to to know Him personally: “So that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” (Acts 17:27)

If you don’t already read the Bible regularly, check out one of the links related to Advent in the beginning of this (especially the Bible Project). Or, if you have questions about faith, explore them- here is a list of all the different faith-related books people in AIV have. Feel free to ask to borrow a book or invite someone to read with you!

AIV is a para-church ministry, which essentially means that we are not a church- our students attend various churches on campus. We coordinate rides to Knox Presbyterian Church and Grace Ann Arbor; here is also a list of other churches in the Ann Arbor area.

large_prayer-for-beginners-g13leaiz“BE JOYFUL IN HOPE, PATIENT IN AFFLICTION, FAITHFUL IN PRAYER.” –ROMANS 12:12

Join us in prayer Wednesday nights from 9:30-11:00 pm at Victor’s @Mojo! Submit any prayer requests here- we love praying for you.

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